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Intro to Journaling For Your Wellness The E-Book

intro to journaling for your wellness the ebook

Intro to Journaling for Your Wellness Ebook by Kendra Kantor

Preview of Intro to Journaling For Your Wellness E-Book

The gorgeous pages in the e-book was designed by Janet from JFlo Studios

All New! Intro to Journaling For Your Wellness E-Book

Explore your self discovery, start a journal practice and learn how to journal to improve your emotional and mental wellness with this e-book based off my wildly popular free workshop!

This e-book is for you if…


You are looking to start digging deep within yourself and find what can and will help you improve your emotional state


You have always wanted to start journaling but don’t know where to start or what prompts to use


You need a new way to express yourself, release your fears and passions and explore what it means to love you

After creating the free workshop in spring of 2014, I realized that not everyone can be available when I run the live course or perhaps you’re just shy and want to go alone or you might just want to download this to have everything in one place. Or you want to do the workshop NOW but I won’t be running it again for a while. Whatever the reason, I wanted to create an e-book with all my content from the free workshop, plus some special things just for you.

I created the “Intro to Journaling For Your Wellness” workshop after I self published my book “Dear Self” in June 2014. I created 30 art journals and poems that were based around writing myself letters, notes of motivation, affirmations and more and it did amazing things for my personal wellness journey.

I’ve been an art journal-er for over 8 years now and have learned that journaling in all forms is one of the best tools I can have to improve my mental health.

And that needs to be celebrated and shared. Born out of my passion to help women jump start their wellness journey and teach about journaling in all forms, the this book is great even if you don’t know anything about journaling!  All the prompts can be used for a writing journal or an art journal.

There are a few techniques geared specifically toward art journaling, but I welcome you to use any kind of journaling you feel compelled to explore. I’ve created all the prompts based off pages I create myself. I only give myself 30 minutes a day to work so these should be easy to fit into your life, no matter what you have going on.

Are you ready to start exploring your self discovery and create a journal practice?

What previous journal-ers had to say:

“All of the new techniques opened up space for me to learn, enjoy, imagine and try different expressions within my journal. This workshop was a great way to make the time for my own wisdom.” – Anonymous

“I really enjoyed this challenge. It allowed me to focus on something and express myself. This workshop was fun, challenging and full of art!” Vicki Eley

“I felt it was easy to access and I had no problem following along. I generally don’t use prompts so that was fun for a change. The journal workshop was individual, enlightening, and challenging.” Jean

“This workshop was a fun and challenging way to think about things – to muse about things that help me in my wellness journey. I had never done art journaling before, this workshop definitely helped me think more creatively than if I had just written in a journal.” Kelly


The Intro to Journaling For Your Wellness E-book includes:


10 prompts


2 art techniques


10 articles about journaling


access to the private online group

I am a strong believer in writing and journaling and making art as a huge aid in your wellness journey. 

Sneak Peak Intro to Journaling For Your Wellness Free Workshop by Kendra Kantor



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Journaling For Your Wellness Student Journals from Kendra Kantor

Get this amazing, creative and inspirational 50 page e-book for only $23USD!

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