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I am Proud

I am proud journal by kendra kantor

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I am proud journal by kendra kantor

Are you tired of berating yourself for every mistake?
Do you feel fat and ugly after years of bullying?
Are you healing from a recent divorce from hell?

It’s time to get rid of that doubt, that inner critic and that feeling of shame!

The I am Proud journal is a 14 day download-able journal designed to help you pause at the end of each day and notice the tiny things that you do that you can be proud of.

In 2012, it took deep breathing, squeezing my (then) fiance’s hand and a lot of convincing to leave our small bedroom just to venture into the kitchen.

In 2013, I couldn’t fathom going up to a counter at Starbucks and ordering my own coffee.

In 2014, I engage in small talk with people voluntarily.

In 2015, I’m hosting my own podcast and talking to people without anxiety constantly.


What has changed for you since 2012? What has changed for you since the beginning of 2015? You might be sitting there thinking. “Psh, NOTHING!”

Here’s the secret: you have made progress and changes, but it just might be too small to see in a big picture way.

I created this journal for myself first. It was born out of the need to have somewhere to write down my progress. I was working on managing my depression and anxiety and it felt like such a slow, hopeless cause that most of the time, I couldn’t recognize my progress. I needed the visual proof, I needed to see the little things I was accomplishing each day.

I needed to write things down that make me personally feel proud. I needed to show myself I am good, I needed to see visual proof of my self esteem and acknowledge the progress I’ve made and am making.

Here’s what other’s have said:


“The “I Am Proud” Journal is incredible! The days I used it I found it incredibly helpful, especially since I didn’t feel like I got anything done when in reality, I had! Instead of feeling dissatisfied and annoyed or guilty for having ‘wasted’ the whole day, I could go to bed feeling proud of the things I did get done or stuck to! Download this journal and use it! You won’t regret it. Plus, it’s PRETTY!” Tremaine Raisa | Website



“Kendra, your I Am Proud Journal is a thing of beauty, both to look at and to use. It’s a wonderful tool to have on hand to remind us that paying attention to what is right in our lives helps us see our lives as interesting and fun. It’s so easy to use and carry around, I think it will help a lot of people!” Sand Ross | Website


By using the “I Am Proud!” journal you will…

circle16start taking stock of everything you accomplish, even the small things that might have seemed insignificant before

circle16celebrate yourself

circle16realize how much you are rocking this life and your recovery

circle16see the actual visual proof of what you are accomplishing on a day to day basis

circle16increase your self confidence, self esteem and self worth

Often, as women with struggling to feel happy and healthy in our lives, our accomplishments feel like facing and scaling Mount Everest while to our partner, best friend or neighbor it looks like stepping on a small ant hill.

I write down that I made it through a family gather. I write down when I drive in bad weather. I write down when I make it through a hard toddler day. I write down when I’ve honored my body. I write down when I manage to just shower because my son won’t stop tantruming. I write down everything. I write down that I wrote things down.

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