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What IS Self Worth? from Kendra Kantor

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What Is Self Worth?

On my quest to help you understand self worth so you can start improving your own, I’ve asked 16 women to share their stories, wisdom and truths about self worth and beauty.

I Am Proud free printable journal by kendra kantor
Get the I Am Proud journal from kendra kantor

I Am Proud! Journal

Congratulate yourself for all of your accomplishments, both big and little,
with this free 14 day print-able journal!

See visual proof of your mental health wellness as you fill in these beautiful pages.

Secrets to Surviving and Thriving e-guide from Kendra Kantor
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The Secrets to Surviving and Thriving

Are you struggling with coping from day to day?

Do you wake up wondering, “How am I going to get through this today?”

Desktop Downloads by Kendra Kantor
=downloadable desktop images from kendra kantor

Creative Desktop Downloadables

Spruce up your computer, tablet or smartphone and encourage yourself with these fun, colorful and free desktop downloads!

Introspection-aholics anonymous Facebook Group from Kendra Kantor

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The Introspection-aholics™ Anonymous : A private community for creatively minded women to gather for support, friendship and advice while navigating the rocky road to positive mental health. 

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