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86 Your Guilt!

“I don't deserve this.”
“My kids need me.”
“We can't spend money on me,”
“My partner should have some alone time, they work too hard.”

We all know what that guilt feels like. You have a desperate need to re-charge your batteries, you could really use some girl time or even some alone time but wait...

"What about the baby?" "What about the dishes?" "What about the money?"

And suddenly, your stomach is tight and the thoughts are racing in your head.

86 Your Guilt! is a mini-guide and workbook that will help you replace your feelings of guilt with self compassion and self care!

*please note that this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. You will NOT be recieving an actual, physical copy of the workbook.
It's time to say, 'Goodbye guilt!' and instead say, 'Hello relaxation!"

With 30 pages and over a dozen Journal It! prompts, a self compassion meditation, articles and tips, as well as actual steps to apply to your daily life...86 Your Guilt! is an amazing tool for mom's and busy women who are just looking for a little "me" time.

You are not alone in your guilt, it is a very common feeling! I've been there, and the techniques in this workbook are a combination of my training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, creativity coaching as well as what I personally used to shift my guilt around taking time for myself, to being able to say to my husband, "Can you watch our son and take care of dinner? I need some time to relax."

It is not easy to get there, but if you dedicate yourself to doing the work involved, the difference you experience in your daily life will be amazing!

Here's what real women had to say after using the 86 Your Guilt! workbook:
Amyworking mom
After using Kendra's 86 Your Guilt Workbook, I felt less guilty about knowing that I need to take time for myself, and even more so, taking that actual time for myself. Kendra's workbook takes you through your guilty feelings, inspires you to try meditation in a way that is accessible to everyone, and discusses the importance of self-compassion. I found the workbook, especially the parts on self-compassion, to be very valuable in terms of addressing the guilt that I face as a mother, who always put the needs of others before herself. I would encourage you to purchase this workbook if you want to work through your guilt and move to a place of self-compassion. It is well-written, the journal prompts are spot-on, and, overall, Kendra has done a fabulous job of making difficult concepts accessible to all. Great workbook!

86 Your Guilt will help you...

+Shift from worrying about the kids and the house to having self care scheduled into your weekly life.

+Look at your guilt and find out where it's coming from so you can define the values you want to embrace and emulate in your life.

+Feel love and kindness toward yourself.

+Get back to your hobbies!

+Bring peace back into your life while reducing stress and overwhelm.

+Increase your daily happiness.

*please note that this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. You will NOT be recieving an actual, physical copy of the workbook.

Stop letting the idea of "shoulds" rule your life,
instead allow yourself space to feel content!

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I'm Kendra Kantor I’m a Wellness Mentor and Guide for creative women who suffer with mental health issues. I help women shift from merely surviving through the tough times to thriving during them and beyond.

What that means is that I pull on my own experiences with depression, anxiety and postpartum depression (as well as a lifetime of experience as an artist) to encourage, support and be a friend to women like me and help them find out who they want to be and create a life they love. I've been trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and creativity coaching.

Often it means I encourage them to journal, be honest with themselves and learn to be introspective to determine who they really want to be and what they want their life to look like.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping creative women take action towards becoming the person they want to be and living a life they’ve created to enjoy. Because life is about living not just surviving your mental illness or slump!

I live with my husband and our son (born in 2012) in the Chicago suburbs where we dream of traveling full time in an RV. I love coffee and nature (but hate bugs, they ruin it for me and I can’t go outside when the mosquitoes are out!), I am zombie obsessed and love fantasy novels (but romance novels are forever my guilty pleasure). I am enthralled with gemstones and crystals and think birds are beautiful but terrifying.

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*please note that this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. You will NOT be recieving an actual, physical copy of the workbook.
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